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Berg & Bush

Perfect Locations

Set in the beautiful Drakensberg mountain range, and along the Tugela River, this is more than just a cycling race

Safe Adventure

You want to go fast. Our trained medical professionals are always on-hand in the event you're not as successful as you wanted to be

Passionately Run

This is a family-run event that we get stoked out of our boots to put on every year. It's a tradition we never want to stop

Prepare for the Mountains


Set in the stunning location of the Drakensberg mountain range, our events are sure to spark adventure.

The Tour



Grindrod Bank Berg & Bush Tour

The Berg & Bush Tour is our three-day clover leaf event. Each day starts and finishes at the Em’seni race village. No packing and repacking, no fuss. The Tour is an ideal option for riders looking for a laid-back tour environment with all the frills of a full-service stage race, and for groups of friends looking for a stress-free riding weekend away.

The 2 Day



Grindrod Bank Berg & Bush 2-Day

Our original and beloved Berg & Bush event, the 2-Day is popular amongst family groups, beginner mountain bikers and riders looking for two mellow days on the saddle. Both days start and finish at the Em’seni race village, with riders enjoying maximum fun and excitement on the trails. Riders from ages 15 and above are welcome to enter.


The Descent



Grindrod Bank Berg & Bush Descent

The whizz, bang, wow of our three Berg & Bush events, the Descent is where dust flies and mountain bikers push themselves to the limit. Featuring the one-of-a-kind Sollie’s Folly descent off the escarpment and into the bushveld, the Descent is where the men and women of mountain biking who like to ride hard can test themselves against the best.

Riders camp along the shady banks of the Tugela river at the famous Em'Seni Camp near Winterton.


We Provide You with a Proper Adventure

Why Berg & Bush

With farm-style hospitality and an area rich in history, not to mention incredible riding, you’re sure to have a proper adventure on your bike!


Enjoy some of the best scenery the Berg has to offer.


Venture out on world-class single track.

Provided Equipment

We can give you all the camping gear you need.

Lekker Community

End your day with a beer and good mates.



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Where is Em'seni?

Race Village

Here’s where you’ll be spending your time when you’re not putting foot to pedal.