The A-Z of Berg & Bush

Everything you ever needed to know about the Grindrod Bank Berg & Bush.

You need passion

Runner, rider, paddler, cow wrangler… Berg & Bush founder Gary Green does it all. But it’s his passion for mountain biking that makes Berg & Bush the special event riders have come to love.

Take a Tour

The Grindrod Bank Berg & Bush Tour is the ideal event for laidback riders who still want the challenge of a three-day stage race

Rules to ride by

There are race rules, trail etiquette tips, and training tips, but sometimes consistently good riding comes down to developing better habits.

Make merry in mud and sand

With our new dates you’re unlikely to find mud on the Berg & Bush trails, but mud and sand could be an issue on your local trails. Here’s how to conquer this tricky terrain.

Christmas gifts for mountain bikers

Something special for the cyclist in your life. From stocking fillers to “hands on cheeks wow I can’t believe I got this” gifts for every rider.

View from the Back

Sweeping at a mountain bike stage race is a tough task that requires a very particular set of skills, like knowing how to close a gate.

Trail etiquette

If you’re planning on riding an event or spending a decent amount of time on the trails, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with trail-riding best practice.

Introducing the Bushbaby!

The Bushbaby is our brand new race category, open to all high school mountain bikers aged 15 to 19.

Savour the ride flavour

Mountain bike stage races don’t need to be completed in a flat-out panic; for some riders, the thrill lies in taking their time.