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Berg & Bush

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Everything you ever needed to know about the Grindrod Bank Berg & Bush.

A for Ardmore

Our design partners for the beautiful rider jerseys. Local, lekker, and just too stylish for words.

B for Bushveld

The scenery and terrain of the Berg & Bush. Ride through real bushveld for a truly South African mountain biking experience.

C for Canvas tents

No more silly, flappy tents that blow away excessive wind (nature’s and yours!). We offer only canvas tents, with a variety of bedding options from mattress to luxury camp beds.

D for Descent

Our famous drop off the Escarpment (and quick visit into the Free State).

E for E-bikes

Yes, they are welcome!

F for Festival

The three Berg & Bush events are really a fortnight-long festival of cycling where we celebrate everything that’s great about being outdoors.

G for Giraffe

There is a very good chance you’ll ride past our friendly giraffes on day 3 of the Descent and Tour, and day 2 of the 2-Day. Stick your neck out, have a look!

H for Herds

Of cows. There are approximately 76 990 cows along the Berg & Bush route, and Gary Green has named them all. Mooira, Cowren, Mooriel, Cowlene, Cowlos, Moortin…

I for Involved

That’s everyone! The Berg & Bush is a family-run event, and almost everyone from the Green family has a role to play – and then there are the community members looking after water points, the local service providers supplying coffee, pouring beer, and preparing the incredible meals. The Berg & Bush is a true taste of KwaZulu-Natal hospitality.

J for Jealous

What your friends will be when they see you riding the Berg & Bush in 2022.

K for KwaZulu-Natal

Our home and the host province for the Berg & Bush. Join us by air by flying to OR Tambo or King Shaka International. See what KZN has to offer when you ride the trails of the Berg & Bus; if the Drakensberg doesn’t take your breath away then the altitude will!

L for Lavatories

The best at any event – all permanent structures, clean as a whistle. Not a portaloo in sight.

M for Mike’s Pass

For us, THE hill of the Berg & Bush. Yes, Spioenkop is imposing, but Mike’s Pass is a real test of grit and character.

N for Notties

The pourers of the perfect pint.

O for Overjoyed

What you feel when you see the Notties Pig Rig.

P for Pickled Pig

The perfectly poured pint as mentioned above that leads to being overjoyed.

Q for Queries

Ask us anything, we’re here to help. Where are the tents? When will the results be up? What time is my batch tomorrow? The Race Office can handle anything.

R for River

The long, winding Tugela River that runs past the Race Village adds to the serenity of the setting.

S for Spioenkop

A mammoth challenge for the final day – just under 2km long. But the effort is worth it – you get a sticker (everyone loves stickers) and a name on the Spioenkop Wall of Honour (everyone loves being on a Wall of Honour). Oh, and there’s the 13km singletrack descent to the finish once you reach the top.

T for Trail Run

Last year we launched the Berg & Bush Trail Run, which takes place at the same time as the Berg & Bush Tour. Enter the Happy Couples – one participant rides while the other runs. The winners walk/run/ride away with a stay at world class Nambiti Hills.

U for Up, up and away

The big climbs at the Berg & Bush are all manageable, but you need to do your training so you’re not out of puff. Ox Wagon, Lantana, Mike’s Pass, and Spioenkop will test your climbing ability.

V for Victory

That feeling when you’ve conquered the big climbs.

W for Winter (and Winterton)

The Berg & Bush takes place just a few minutes from Winterton; and now in keeping with the name of our nearest town, we also take place in winter. The new winter dates mean riders will experience excellent riding conditions due to the stable winter weather in the region – expect cool nights and mornings with warm, sunny afternoons.

X for Xylophone

Not much you can really add here.

Y for Yippeee

The screams of delight when you fly down our thrilling singletrack trails.

Z for ZigZag

One of our newer trails. Built two years ago, ZigZag is a switchback climb that shows off the trail building skill of the Berg & Bush team as well as the beauty of the surroundings. Pedal consistently, watch where you’re going and you’ll have no issues reaching the top (and the reward is a thrilling roller coaster singletrack descent).

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