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Christmas gifts for mountain bikers

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Something special for the cyclist in your life

Stocking fillers to “hands on cheeks wow I can’t believe I got this” gifts for every rider.

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This is the greatest gift, the best gift, the biggest gift; all mountain bikers dream of this gift. If you really loved your mountain biker, you would get them this gift. In fact, get this gift for the special mountain biker in your life and yourself. A treat!


Some mountain bikers are confused mountain bikers. They see cyclists in tight pants and think that’s what they must wear. This is incorrect. Mountain bikers wear baggies. If your mountain biker leaves the house in tight pants, he or she definitely needs baggies from Santa this year.

Toys and tools

There are no end of goodies you can get for a cyclist, but some essentials include:

  • a tyre plug set (think Slug Plug from Ryder, or the SahmuraiSword tubeless plug system – there are a few variations on a similar theme).
  • New water bottles (no one likes to ride around with a dirty water bottle)
  • Digital tyre pressure gauge – small, yet essential
  • High quality foot pump
  • Bike shampoo – the bubblier the better


Full finger gloves, that is. Not only do these make mountain bikers look more rugged, they also have practical benefits – like keeping your fingers safe when you’re fiddling with valves, operating gas bombs, and cracking open cold beers.

A skills course

Skills courses are excellent for all levels of rider as you can never know too much about the beautiful art of mountain biking. A quick internet search will find a reliable mountain bike skills coach in your area.

A bike fit

A professional bike fit can help take away some aches and pains that might be caused by the incorrect set-up, while at the same time getting you into the best possible riding position. If you intend riding for hours and hours in the months ahead – obviously your New Year’s resolution – then it’s best to do it in the most comfortable manner possible.


There’s only one thing mountain bikers love more than mountain biking, and that’s starting off their mountain bike ride with a good cup of coffee. Our coffee partner Terbodore produces a wide variety of blends (beans, ground, and pods), available nationwide.

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