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Introducing the Bushbaby!

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A 2-day challenge for all high school riders.

The Bushbaby is our brand new race category, open to all high school mountain bikers aged 15 to 19.


The iconic and original Berg & Bush 2-Day has always been extremely popular. From absolute beginners to seasoned veterans wanting to introduce their friends to the event, the 2-Day attracts every type of mountain biker imaginable.


The event is ideal for parents who want to ride with their kids or couples who want to enjoy a weekend of mountain bike bliss, or friends who enjoy the off-bike festivities as much as the on-bike fun.


And now, with the all-new Bushbaby race, we’re making it the ideal stage race for school-going mountain bikers (aged between 15 to 19).


The Bushbaby race is an invitation to all high-school mountain bikers to challenge their friends or rival schools to a race over two days at the Berg & Bush 2-Day. Riders in this category will compete in teams of two. We encourage you to wear your school kit, represent your hometown, or just arrive and enjoy a two-day race for the first time.


R20 000 in total prize money is up for grabs, with prize money categories for Boys High School Team and Girls High School Team.


While the Berg & Bush 2-Day has always been open for riders over the age of 14 to participate, this is the first time we have created a race category specifically for high school riders wanting to test themselves over two days.


As usual, the 2-Day route will include fast, fun, and flowing singletrack, a handful of challenging climbs (including Spioenkop on the final day), and the thrilling Long Drop Pass descent to close out the event.

The Berg & Bush 2-Day 2 Day - enter if you…

  • Are in high school and want to race for in the Bushbaby category
  • Want to ride with your child of 15 or over
  • Want to ride a stage race, but three days seems daunting
  • Need a weekend away on your bike, but don’t have time for three days.

Bushbaby category rules

  • Bushbaby race applies to Teams of 2, with both riders being in high school at the time of the Berg & Bush 2-Day.
  • CSA age rule: each rider is classified according to his or her age on December 31st of the current year (Turning 15 in 2022 or older).
  • One-hour time penalties will be incurred with riders not being within 2 minutes of each other at any time.
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