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The Berg & Bush is now a June event. Here’s why.

In 2021 the Grindrod Bank Berg & Bush was held in June for the first time since the event’s inception. The date change was rewarded with perfect riding conditions.


At the 2021 Grindrod Bank Berg & Bush Tour, the first Berg & Bush event since 2019, riders woke on the morning of day one to a chill in the air and light mist.


After a warming cortado or two, the first batch set off, riding towards a blue sky with the promise of a fine day to come – no rain, no wind, no scorching heat. It was Goldilocks weather for mountain biking – just right. In fact, the weather was so good that the staff at Spioenkop Lodge just 5km into the ride took it upon themselves to serve little tasters of Nottingham Road Brewery beer. It doesn’t get better.


June makes sense for the Berg & Bush. The days are traditionally mild, with blue skies for the most. The chance of rain is lower than during the previous October dates and while there might be a chill in the morning and evening, once the sun comes out riders can enjoy beautiful riding conditions. Extreme heat is also highly unlikely at this time of year.


Another bonus of the new “winter” schedule? Waking up later due to later start times. In the past, with high temperatures often a concern, batches would set off from 630am, and sometimes earlier if extreme temperatures were predicted.


Now, riders can laze around the Berg & Bush Race Village in the morning, sip lazily on perfectly poured flat whites, munch languidly on egg rolls and then luxuriously amble over to the start line for a not so frantic blast off onto the Berg & Bush trails.

The Berg & Bush is now a June event. Here’s why.

Berg & Bush Tour and Trail Run: 14-16 June 2022

Berg & Bush 2 Day: 18-19 June 2022

Berg & Bush Descent: 24-26 June 2022

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