Berg and Bush

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You need passion

Runner, rider, paddler, cow wrangler… Berg & Bush founder Gary Green does it all. But it's his passion

Take a Tour

The Grindrod Bank Berg & Bush Tour is the ideal event for laidback riders who still want the

Rules to ride by

There are race rules, trail etiquette tips, and training tips, but sometimes consistently good riding comes down to

Trail etiquette

If you’re planning on riding an event or spending a decent amount of time on the trails, it’s

Cycling after COVID

There is still much to learn about post-Covid recovery, but experts agree that a return to physical activity

Run to Ride

The organisers of the Grindrod Bank Berg & Bush are also organisers of the extremely popular Oxpecker trail

Reasons to Ride

Still need convincing to ride Berg & Bush? Look no further. In truth, there is one reason to