Rules to ride by

There are race rules, trail etiquette tips, and training tips, but sometimes consistently good riding comes down to developing better habits.

Make merry in mud and sand

With our new dates you’re unlikely to find mud on the Berg & Bush trails, but mud and sand could be an issue on your local trails. Here’s how to conquer this tricky terrain.

Become a better mountain biker

The key to enjoying a mountain bike event like the Berg & Bush is having faith in your biking abilities.

Cycling after COVID

There is still much to learn about post-Covid recovery, but experts agree that a return to physical activity is best done slowly and gradually.

Run to Ride

The organisers of the Grindrod Bank Berg & Bush are also organisers of the extremely popular Oxpecker trail run. And as well as being keen cyclists, the Berg & Bush team also enjoys running on their own incredible trails. Should you do the same?